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A Completet SaaS, Startups Theme

Smart Quote is not just limited to Salesforce or CRM, but Is available with easy integration as a Saas to aby other CRM or downstream ERP system.

Amazing Design

With a user friendly interface and interactive features, Smart Quote has been envisioned in the most professional and appealing way.

Quality Code

Incorporating many different aspects of the healtthcare and benefits administration, each service is delivered with absolute precision and free of any error.

Responsive Layout

The Saas can be used on multiple platforms without any problem as it has been made vastly compatible with Web, Mobile and other layouts.


It empowers sales reps to configure pricing on-demand for existing or new products or service variables


It provides real-time revenue forecasting, profit and loss calculation at the quote level even before a quote is sent out.


It gives improved opportunity closure, increased revenue, decreased expenses, and increased order approvals.

Grow Smart with Smart Quote

By providing the necessary flexibility as leverage for advance pricing and calculating profit & loss to predict revenue, Smart Quote makes expert projections that are accurate and much quicker than manual efforts.

If you go with stats, you need to be accurate and what better thing to rely on than a system that promises perfection?

Using latest AI technology to leverge quotes

Smart Quote’s intelligent quotes leverage advanced analytics, machine learning, revenue forecasting, and P&L modules to centralize and automate complex products, services, pricing, and business rules to make them available in real time.

  • Itemized view of PEPM
  • Total revenue
  • Enrollment cost
  • Other fees
  • Internal costing

Real time Profit&Loss instantly!

You can easily forecast revenue by each line of products and services. They get comprehensive insight with an itemized view of internal costing, commission, revenue, and net income even before a quote is sent out.

  • 5x faster than manual calculation
  • Accuracy that is 100% error free
  • More quotes, more business!

Automate the Quote-to-Cash Procedure

Like everything else in the world have your entire process digitally transformed and let the software make intelligen and better decisions for you!

  • Get Profit & Loss Calculated
  • Itemized view of Financials
  • Comprehensive Insights
  • Prdictive analysis and reports