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Agency Management
for Employee
Benefits Insurance

Imagine looking at a single view, Lead to Deal with BENTECH AI!


BENTECH Ai is an end-to-end agency management suite for healthcare brokerage firms and employee benefits insurance.

Built into Salesforce CRM, the platform automates Quoting, Benefits administration, Enrollment and Reconciliation, Audit and Broker's Commissions using Data Science and AI for business improvement.


Bentech Ai’s Product Suite

We are a complete healthcare brokerage agency management solution, You name it, we have it! From Onboarding Leads and Enrollment to Sending Proposals, Scoring Deals and catching up at reconciliation we’ve got your back.
Quote Comparison & Recommendation Platform
Bentech Ai’s Quoting platform has a vast library of hundreds of plans for all 50 states. During the Quoting process, it compares plans to suit your requirements best for particular product and service variables as well as coverage details.
On the basis of comparison, the Smart Recommendation Engine provides the most suited suggestions based on area, coverage and quote specifics.
Modernize Benefits Reconciliation through next-generation smart tools
An end-to-end smart solution for both active and retired employees, that identifies premium leakage costs and pavroll functionalities to avoid and overpaying or underpaying.
Bentech A uses Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis to provide deep insights for monitored reconciliation and accurate business decisions.
Transform Enrollment More Strategic & Challenge Free
A real-time solution for healthcare brokerage Enrollment operations that keeps track of the changes that occur in the system, analyzes and compares data accordingly and verifies eligibility and recalculates as needs.
It eliminates time-consuming reconciliation issues and acts as an advanced remittance platform to produce carrier remittance reports in real-time.
Advanced Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Quoting Solution Quote to Cash on-click!
A unique solution designed to quickly and accurately produce highly configured intelligent quotes for healthcare marketplace operators such as brokerage and benefit administration organisations.
It provides Increased Speed with Guided Selling, Dynamic Pricing, Revenue forecasts and P&L margins, Flexibility to Modify Quotes/Proforma instantly, shortens the Sales Cycle and gives Smart Sales Analytics.

Ready To See How
Bentech Ai’s Automated Healthcare Brokerage Solutions
can improve your book of business?

The road TO Employee Benefits Administration
FOR Healthcare Brokerage Firms was never THIS simple!

Business Improvement Insight

Using Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms, Bentech Ai enhances and automates insurance workflows by providing smart insights.

401(K) Recommendation

Implement an AI based Virtual assistant to determine Investment Risk Profile and Financial Advise Model.

Broker Commission

Using AI, machine & deep learning algorithms parses broker statements, validate overall account statements & commissions are paid accordingly.


Healthcare Brokerage Ecosystem

The Entire Healthcare Brokerage
Industry on a Single Comprehensive Platform!
Who could have Imagined?


Seamless integrations & instant accessibility

Manage all lines of business with a single platform and revolutionize healthcare brokerage with
reduced cost, efficiency and monumental revenue generated in half the time!
Lead to Deal through a single view!
Easy integration with Salesforce CRM


Easy integration with Salesforce CRM

Plug & play model for clients on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics CRM

Plug & play model for clients on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Available on demand as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model


Available on demand as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model

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