Profit And Loss


Optizmise and maximise,
Better Handling,
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Configure on-demand pricing

A comprehensive workbench and a Central repository to configure and maintain price books, price list, formulas, create tier pricing, capable of handling any complex pricing scenario.

Advance Pricing Engine

The advance pricing engine empowers sales reps to configure pricing on-demand for existing or new product or service variables.

Empower Sales reps

Empowers Sales representatives by providing optimized suggestions likely to convert into an order leveraging artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

Predictive Analytics

Uncover which products and services are generating the majority of the revenue. Get insights on which sales reps are bringing most revenue, itemized view of net profit generated by product variables and services

Online Quote Approval

Customers can use self-service portals to receive complex, AI optimized quote configurations with built-in revenue forecasting insights and predictive analytics.

Calculate Profit & Loss

Comprehensive insight with an itemized view of internal costing, commission splits, revenue, and net income even before a quote is sent out.


Acceleration of service delivery and optimization of premium billing is made easy by Smart-Quote’s versatile and comprehensive programs. Also, with these programs, it is possible to perform different functions, such as, generating premium bills for different plans and offering customers various methods of payment with the use of just one platform

Smart-Quote makes sure that sales reps have all it takes to price, configure and give quote both accurately and as quickly as possible, all the time



Finance and customer service is one of the major problems encountered by organizations. Is your organization also experiencing the same issues? Then I must say, this is your lucky day, because the versatile and comprehensive programs of Smart-quote are the solution to your problems. Here are some financial concepts of smart quote that will have been created to solve your problems


Using predictive science, it is possible for Smart-Quote to know the products and services that generate the highest revenue. This is important for organizations as it helps them to measure their progress and know how to improve. Product complexity is simplified by a powerful configurator to make it easy for admins and reps to use


The advance pricing engine allows easy configure of pricing on demand for inventories that are already existing by sales reps and other members of the sales teams. With an absolutely unique technology, Smart-Quote allows the forecast of revenue by each line of services and products to be done by representatives

Before a quote is been sent out, they can get insight with an appropriate arrangement of internal costing, revenue, commission, and net income. Smart-Quote also Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to incorporate price recommendations and dynamic pricing


It offers solutions that are specific, to current administrative problems in insurance. With the use of smart-quote you can configure internal costing, sales commission, commission split, overheads, service details and enrollment cost of production variables with ease

Using latest AI technology to leverge quotes

Smart Quote’s intelligent quotes leverage advanced analytics, machine learning, revenue forecasting, and P&L modules to centralize and automate complex products, services, pricing, and business rules to make them available in real time.

  • Itemized view of PEPM
  • Total revenue
  • Enrollment cost
  • Other fees
  • Internal costing

Real time Profit&Loss instantly!

You can easily forecast revenue by each line of products and services. They get comprehensive insight with an itemized view of internal costing, commission, revenue, and net income even before a quote is sent out.

  • 5x faster than manual calculation
  • Accuracy that is 100% error free
  • More quotes, more business!

Automate the Quote-to-Cash Procedure

Like everything else in the world have your entire process digitally transformed and let the software make intelligen and better decisions for you!

  • Get Profit & Loss Calculated
  • Itemized view of Financials
  • Comprehensive Insights
  • Prdictive analysis and reports


Smart-Quote provides real-time forecast of revenue and profit and loss calculation at the quote level to predict revenue on which basis it makes expert projections that are quicker than manual effort and are more accurate.
Imagine that your operations team and sales are empowered with a smart and accurate system that makes them infallible and extremely smart with no effort. Smart-Quote predicts your intention and with the help of a safe and complex algorithm, helps you converts them into actions efficiently and at a very fast rate

How to grow your business?


  • Easy setup of underwriting rules and workflows.
  • Onboard brokers, agent and groups at a faster pace through self-serve portals and wizards.


  • Process enlistment registers in real time, with high-quality performanc Comprehend, manipulate and solve technical quoting.
  • User-friendly and customer-centric.


  • Effectively convert quotes to policies and enroll subscribers.
  • Capture broker and agent obligations, as well as fees on contract.
  • Efficiently manage renewals, plan, contract, and regulation changes.


  • Flexibility as leverage for advance pricing.
  • Calculation of profit and loss to predict revenue.
  • Make expertise projections.