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Insurance companies, especially the ones involved in the insurance of health, are some of the busiest firms in the world.

The business of insurance is one that involves a lot of processes. This means that it becomes a difficult task to do something as basic as connecting these different web of processes. 

They have numerous complicated channels, complex products, and plans as well as diverse services among other things.

It has become pertinent that healthcare insurance providers employ a better way to carry out their business.

They need effective ways to anticipate and identify various complex problems and solve them in real-time.


To meet the numerous needs of their customers, an intelligent system to help in assessment, inquiry, premium billing and quote generation is of utmost importance.

Smart-quote consists of enhanced inventory for elastic pricing, quote generation, revenue projection, handling of orders and built-in predictive science optimized quote template repository.

Smart technology possesses high level AI function that makes it to project and predict outcomes and generate accurate calculations.


A system that uses analytics in creating algorithms that work out quotes in blinding speed. The creation of a decision-making system that isn’t tainted by human errors and uncertainties but guided by accurate data and factual statistics.

A system incapable of making mistakes, bringing a whole new level of precision to health insurance.

Increase sales accuracy based on real time updates collection to optimize information and timing.

The Solution:

Intelligent System

  • One centralized location for all product and pricing information that is easily navigated, updated and scaled globally
  • A powerful configurator that simplifies product complexity so it’s easy for both reps and admins to use
  • Flexibility to modify quote/performa based on user feedback, reduces errors and shortens sales cycles.
  • Empowers users by providing AI & predictive science optimized suggestions likely to convert into an order.

Accelerate Revenue

  • The smart tool gives a well-defined arrangement of per employee per month (PEPM) total revenue, enrollment cost, other fees, and internal costing
  • Calculation of Profit and loss at line level at an advanced rate to configure new eventuality, commission model and assess models based on business requirement
  • Smart-quote is intelligent to apply standard packages from storage locations; review revenue forecast and detects the traces between the two.
  • Empowers users by providing AI & predictive science optimized suggestions likely to convert into an order.


Incredible AI Technology

The incredible AI technology of Smart-quote provides, at the push of a button, revenue forecasting, and P&L calculation at the quote level.

Its predictive technology optimizes suggestions that are likely to become orders and this helps in increasing team productivity. The app has a lot of helpful features like enhanced inventory, advance proving, quote management, revenue forecasting, order management and profit and loss calculation.

 Imagine arming your sales and operations team with a smart and infallible system that in turn, effortlessly makes them super-smart and infallible. That is what Smart- quote is. Smart-Quote predicts your intention and with the help of a complex and safe algorithm, helps you converts them into actions quickly and efficiently.

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