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While the Orchestra Al works on web configuration that
employees in benefits management establishments have
access to, the generation of automatic reports depends
on requirements per time and over time.
The orchestra Al functions through a structure that
automatically generates report and then transfers the
reports in excel format to suit further prerequisites.

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Takes Multi-requests

The system takes care of requests from more than one user at the same time.

Generates Destination Folders

It then generates destination folders via protected and recommended channels.

Retrieves Details & Sends Report Generation Request

The live web server retrieves details of the requested report from the database by transfering to a live server.

Pushes Destination Folders

Finally, the system pushes the destination folders to the users at the end.

For employer companies like benefits administration organizations, brokerage firms and healthcare systems, Orchestra solves the problem of report development by completely automating the process with the use of an artificially intelligent solution that aims to establish a versatile system of creating reports automatically to minimize cost and time used.

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Plug & play model for clients on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


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Available on demand as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model

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